Eco-design Consulting Services

Personalized eco-design consulting service where our team works closely with creative projects from conception to strike.

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This approach offers the production team constant support, allowing them to integrate sustainable criteria throughout the creation process.


Écoscéno develops monitoring tools and advises teams on the choice of alternative materials as well as design and construction methods that promote reuse and local purchasing. A report on achievements, including a sustainability index of the production, is presented at the end of the process to the entire team.

Our eco-design team

Marianne Lavoie

Eco-design Advisor

Julie Fournier


Coline Declercq

Eco-design Advisor


December 2022

MEM - Centre des mémoires montréalaises

Écoscéno collaborated with the production and creation teams of the MEM – Centre des mémoires montréalaises upstream in the creation of future installations. The teams carried out research and tests to develop a modular structure assembled mechanically, allowing to vary the configurations. We collaborated with Bois Public in the supply of reclaimed ash wood that met both aesthetic expectations and the criteria of responsibility sought.

November 2022

Showtime - Duceppe

Once again, Écoscéno has collaborated with the Duceppe theater’s creation and production teams in the search for sustainable sets, costumes and accessories. Several eco-design strategies have been implemented: certified responsible materials, second-hand supply, anticipation of a second life for sets, standardization, use of non-toxic products on costumes, etc.

© Danny Taillon

September 2022

Mama - Duceppe

Mama is the 6th production of Duceppe theater where Écoscéno offered eco-design consulting services with the creative teams. In total, over 68% of decor and 94% of accessories are responsibly sourced. In addition, 80% of the decor and 94% of the props have found a second life after the show.

© Danny Taillon

July 2022

3GÉANTS - mirari

We collaborated a second time with mirari as eco-design consultants for the set design of 3GIANTS presented by Machine de Cirque during the Montréal Complètement Cirque Festival. Many sustainable strategies were implemented including the use of second-hand materials and eco-friendly finishing materials, standardization in the design, and ways of giving back to the community. For instance, more than 98% of the set came from sustainable supply chains and 96% was put back into circulation. This project is a perfect example that creating art all the while giving back to the community is not only possible but can have a positive impact in the long term. We’d love to thank Soverdi, Chaire de recherche sur la forêt urbaine and CÉDA for collaborating with us so closely.

June 2022

Holoscenes - FTA

We accompanied the production team of the show Holoscenes, designed by the artist Lars Jan and presented during the FTA – Festival TransAmériques. In particular, we assessed the carbon emissions generated by the project in order to make responsible supply choices. In addition, the water supply and reuse process has been carefully studied in collaboration with the École de technologie supérieure. The water used for the show will then be used to clean the streets of the neighborhood and water the plants of the FTA Headquarters. Finally, the GHG emissions generated by the presentation of the show have been reduced to a minimum and the unavoidable emissions will be offset thanks to a donation to Eau Secours.

© Lars Jan

February 2022

Au sommet de la montagne - Duceppe

We offered our consulting services with the creative teams of Au sommet de la montagne (a French translation of The Mountaintop presented at Théâtre Duceppe), in their search of sustainable supply chains, the best use of resources and planning future reuse. Flexibility in their design, standardization, and a significant amount of research gave way to the implementation of many sustainable strategies. In total, an estimated 64% of the set was made from second-hand materials and 41% of all props were reused for the production. Furthermore, 76% of the set and props, and 100% of the costumes found a second life after the final curtain call.

© Danny Taillon

July 2021

Cirqu'Avélo - Marguerite à bicyclette

The accompaniment of the traveling circus troupe led us to unearth high-performance materials in terms of solidity and durability. The troop transports all its elements of decorations in trailers pulled by bicycle. The main challenge was to find light and waterproof materials to protect the sets from rain and transport, while respecting the aesthetics of the trailers. For example, to create the protective tarpaulins, we carried out a series of tests with different recovered materials, eventually landing on on the reuse of a theatrical backdrop in PVC.

© Eric Bates


Festival LVL UP - Mirari

Écoscéno accompanied a festival for the first time, thus exploring a new type of production and challenges. This collaboration has made it possible to establish several very interesting synergies with players in the city of Laval. In the end, about 75% of the elements used were second hand and more than 80% had a second life. The fake turf was borrowed from their neighbor Festival Diapason, which ended a few weeks before LVL UP. The sand used to make a small artificial beach was recovered by the suppliers.

© Susan Moss

June 2021

L'enclos de Wabush - Nouveau Théâtre Expérimental

This support from the Nouveau Théâtre Expérimental has made it possible to explore new eco-design techniques and push the limits of reuse. The majority of the elements have been made from second-hand materials or materials from responsible, local and non-toxic sources. The mechanical assembly of decorative elements made it possible to encourage their reuse. About twenty corn plants were entirely handcrafted from second-hand materials.

© Sandrick Mathurin